Thursday, January 5, 2017

My F1 Collection

My F1 collection started when I was a teenager in the late 1980's.  As a big F1 racing fan, my first purchases were magazines and posters for my walls.  So that was "Prix Editions" magazine and some Alain Prost posters I'd picked up somewhere.  Big Prost fan.

Then I bought some photo's of F1 cars from the Adelaide Grand Prix which were available to purchase via the newspaper.  And that was how it remained for quite awhile: magazines and posters.  "F1 Racing Magazine" replacing the previous title.

The next thing I started to get was a few F1 books.  These were mainly Grand Prix annuals from the mid 1980's and also some VHS videos of seasons in the 1990's.  Later there was DVD's and as always gaming of course.  I've written a separate blog on F1 gaming.

But it was in the early 2000's that I started to buy more and across different categories.  Online shopping was opening up lot's of opportunity!  The first significant purchases were F1 replica helmets.  Over a period of several years I bought Schumacher, Prost then Senna.  They remain the core and much loved part of my F1 collection.  I'm keen to get more.

Then one day I found an F1 stamp with my 3 favourite drivers and I had to own it.  That began an period of about a year where I binge purchased F1 stamps.

And here's the thing about collecting. 

When you collect, you learn about each category or genre you are collecting within.  For example with stamps you learn all about the world of "philately", the study of stamps.  Model cars?  I learnt all about the types, history, manufactures, scale sizes and details of this genre.  Trading cards and games provide a great history of our sport.

There were several items during the next stage that I collected a lot of:  keyrings, badges, cards and some models.  Later my focus turned to collecting F1 books, especially the older ones.  All the while adding to the other categories whenever I found something.

There are several things I've not been interested in collecting.  F1 clothes is one, season DVD reviews is another.  Expense is always a big consideration too - there is a lot of excellent (and very expensive!) stuff out there. 

I'm also strict that it must be F1 or Grand Prix Racing.  No Indy or lower formula open wheeler please.

Here is my collection summary.  The one's in bold I've been concentrating on recently:

What sort of F1 things do you collect?
What are your favourities?

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