Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Codemasters F1 2016 Game - First Review

Last month a new F1 game was released.

We all knew that right!?  The marketing and social media push for this title has been huge.  Codemasters certainly believe they have a good story to tell with F1 2016 - and they are right!

This is the 8th generation of this franchise.  Many have said that this is the game that Codemasters always wanted to make.  Probably right.  There have been lot's of reviews already and they are all very positive from what I can see.

Below are my initial thoughts on the game and I'll write a more comprehensive review soon.  The reason for this is that I'm playing it without a steering wheel.  For me to fully enjoy and appreciate the game - I need a wheel.  So a Logitech G29 is coming very soon.

Overall game

It's beautiful.  The menu's are fast, easy and intuitive.  The intros and cut scenes are fantastic and all skipable - very important.  The cars feel great to drive, the AI is on target and the tracks look stunning.  It really is very good. 


The graphics on this game are the very best I've seen.  The small touches they have made around lighting, texture and attention to detail are amazing.  The replays have been tweaked and work well.  Nothing more to be said; it's great.

Game Play

There are many things to like about the gameplay for F1 2016:

  • Practice programs - these provide an excellent way to spice up practicing or learning a new F1 circuit.  I like this enhancement very much.

  • GP weekend - the way you can play or experience different parts of the weekend is an excellent feature.  It just feels easy to get to where you need to go.

  • Customisations - these are great and enough to satisfy 99% of F1 gaming fans.  There is a small community of gamers who enjoy enhanced customisations (car, vehicle, track) and they can stick to rFactor.

  • Safety car - the introduction of the safety car was much requested though in reality for me it's just another example of how immersive this game is.  Clutch starts, radio comms and in-car menu instructions are other examples .

Career mode

This game features an enhanced career mode which is presented very well.  I love the way the game guides you through driver setup and progression through your career.  It's the best we've seen from his franchise or any other F1 game.  I decided to start my career driving for Renault wearing a "Senna yellow" helmet I customised.  My objectives are based around the team's current standings.  I will race for 10 seasons at 25% distance and build my career.  Brilliant!

Final thoughts

This game is easily the best F1 game ever released.  No question about that.  For any F1 fan who loves gaming, this is a must-have!  I am very much looking forward to practicing, racing, exploring and building my career with this game.  It ENTICES you to do so!  That's why it's so good.

Firstly though ... steering wheel.  :-)

Thanks for reading, please leave your comments.

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